Temperatures in Jerusalem still hover almost 40 degrees (Celcius); It still feels like summer; But we are deep into the month of Elul and the daily blast of the Shofar proclaims the arrival of the High Holy days….

……And today, almost 900 boys made their way to the first day of school at Boys Town Jerusalem. They were warmly greeted by their teachers, rabbis and staff. While most of the returning students arrived back to familiar dormitories, classrooms, Synagogues and dining hall, many students, arriving for the first time were accompanied by their parents. Many a loving tear was shed as the young boys embarked upon a new journey, an adventure that will surely impact their lives well into the future.

Canadian Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem invites you to follow the events of the coming year(s) and enjoy the fruits of your continued support of scholarship at Boys Town Jerusalem.

On behalf of all of us at Canadian Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem we wish you and those you hold dear, a healthy, peaceful and happy New Year. We thank you for your past support and pray that you will continue to shower your love and generosity on our young boys. The Rosh Hashanah Annual Scholarship campaign is in full swing right now and we invite you to click on the donate button to make your commitment.

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