Elnatan Ben Eliyahu
As the summer heat swelters, chances blaze for more tragic deaths of children unintentionally left behind in a car. Elnatan Ben-Eliyahu took a special interest in harnessing technology to prevent such cases, devoting his College of Applied Engineering senior project to build a device to immediately alert a driver to take his toddler from the car seat once the motor is off.

For safety’s sake, Elnatan placed four parallel switches (in case one or more malfunction) under the child’s car seat. The weight of the child then presses these switches, which complete an electric circuit and transmit a signal to the AT89C52 microcontroller. Using the C computer language, Elnatan programmed the microcontroller to identify a situation in which the car’s engine is turned off and the car seat is occupied. After only five seconds, the system sets off loud beeping noises while simultaneously activating a special motor to open a window. The system also triggers a loudspeaker’s recorded message of “Dad, Mom, save me!”

Elnatan Ben-Eliyahu, 20, is from Jerusalem and has four siblings. His parents are of Iraqi origin. His mother does not work, and his father is an air-conditioning technician. Elnatan has studied at Boys Town Jerusalem for the past eight years (“nearly half of my life!”). He was selected for the prestigious IDF “Shachak” program to train electronics specialists for the Israeli Air Force. Elnatan, shown here with his supportive family, is considering becoming a career IDF officer following his five years of service, and remaining in the field of electronics in future.

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