Recently, former Commander-in-Chief of Israel’s Navy, Admiral Abraham Ben Shoshan, paid a visit to Boys Town Jerusalem. The reason for his visit was to take a firsthand look at the cutting-edge technology training used to prepare students for special IDF units. By his own admission, the Admiral was extremely impressed with what he saw.

Admiral Ben Shoshan visited Boys Town Jerusalem, thanks to a connection made by Josh Weston, honourary chairman of the BTJ Board of Directors. On campus, the Admiral was briefed by key faculty of the school’s College of Applied Engineering (CAE). The Israel Army has appointed CAE as a training center to prepare future officers for specialized technological units. This year, a record number of students are enrolled in three major programs. One is aimed to train electronics specialists for the Air Force. Another cultivates soldiers to research, develop and maintain weapons systems in the Army Ordnance Corps. A third a new program launched this year prepares computer specialists for IDF intelligence and communications units.

On the high school level, the Admiral took a special interest in BTJ’s sophisticated computer studies department. Its grads are now serving in top IDF units, including support teams for the Iron Dome Air Defense System.

At the close of his visit, Admiral Ben Shoshan pledged that he would make a personal effort to involve the Navy in the advanced, specialized courses offered at Boys Town Jerusalem.

Abraham Ben Shoshan served as Commander-in-Chief of the Navy from 1985 -1989. Later, he became Israel’s Defense and Armed Forces Attaché at the Israel Embassy in Washington, and was appointed Director-General of Israel’s Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in 2000.

It was a pleasure and an honour hosting the Admiral at BTJ. We are very proud that we have exceeded the Admiral’s expectations! Boys Town Jerusalem truly is setting a new standard in preparing our students for the IDF.

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