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Who are we?

About Boys Town Jerusalem

Boys Town Jerusalem, known in Israel as Kiryat Noar Yerushalayim, is home away from home to some 900 boys ranging in age from 12 to 20. The beautiful and functional 18-Acre campus is centrally situated in the Jerusalem suburb of Bayit Vegan.

BTJ Canada

Canadian Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem was founded in the mid-seventies under the guidance and leadership of Eric Exton, z’l and several other generous community leaders from across Canada. Today, Boys Town Jerusalem is grateful to receive generous support from donors across our great land.

Our Students

Since its establishment more than sixty years ago, Boys Town Jerusalem has been committed to welcoming young boys who come from challenged backgrounds. They may be orphaned; they may be recent immigrants; or they may come from impoverished families.

How you can help

Since 1974, Canadian Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem have generously supported Boys Town with generous donations that have enabled the school to provide scholarship assistance to our students. Friends of the school have set up special funds celebrating and memorializing the lives of loved ones.



Elnatan Ben Eliyahu As the summer heat swelters, chances blaze for more tragic deaths of children unintentionally left behind in a car. Elnatan Ben-Eliyahu took a special interest in harnessing technology to prevent such cases, devoting his College of Applied Engineering senior project to build a device to immediately alert a driver to take his…


As the school year begins to wind down, graduates of the College of Applied Engineering at Boys Town Jerusalem are presenting their ‘final products’. Our tech scholars have been creating interesting and innovative projects that will impress the adjudicators prior to their entry into the IDF this coming August. All CAE graduates will be beginning…

Science Fair winners

Boys Town Earns First Place Honours Prototype Life Saving Bracelet Impresses Top Judges A team of four ninth-graders from Boys Town Jerusalem has been awarded first place in the fourth annual “Jerusalem Fair for Scientific Research and Technological Solutions” held within the framework of Jerusalem Education Week. The Boys Town champs will now represent Jerusalem…

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Just eighteen months – and one terrible war – after he graduated from Boys Town Jerusalem, IDF Sergeant Oshri Turgeman returned to his alma mater on Yom Hazikaron to pay tribute to his fallen comrades. Speaking before the student body, he shared details of his combat experiences and the miracles he experienced in the battlefield…


Holocaust Survivors Memories As the Gottell family fled for their lives when the Nazis invaded France in 1942, they could never have imagined that their harrowing story would be perpetuated by a high school student in Jerusalem (whose family is from Iraq and Morocco) over 70 years later. Thanks to a new Israeli Ministry of Education…

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