The two-year College of Applied Engineering was established at Boys Town four decades ago in cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces, to train practical engineers for army service. Students defer their recruitment while pursuing their advanced electronics/engineering studies, gaining knowledge and skills crucial to the military. They later serve for a minimum of five years.

In 2007, the IDF appointed Boys Town Jerusalem to conduct the Shachak Program, which selects student from the C.A.E. to be trained for sophisticated Air Force electronics assignments. In 2010, the school was appointed to conduct the Marom Program to cultivate officers for the Ordnance Corps, who will apply their technical expertise to develop cutting edge weapons systems vital to Israel’s survival.

In order to receive the Bachelor’s degree of Associate Engineer in electronics engineering, students must pass written examinations given by Israel’s Ministry of Education They must also present an original project for approval by a government panel of engineers. Each project represents the student’s thorough knowledge and understanding of the relevant disciplines. The young engineers must also be extremely proficient in the area of computer science, as they are responsible for writing the entire program for their projects.

A Word about our Professional Staff

Yossi Lavie, a veteran of over 40 years of teaching, assumed the role as head of the College of Applied Engineering in 2010. He holds a B.A. from the ORT College of Engineering, and joined the BTJ high school electronics faculty and CAE in 1997. Lavie emigrated from Iran to Israel as a youngster in 1969.

Yehudah Dahan has brought an enriched experience in the electronics industry to his teaching profession, having held top positions in public and private endeavors throughout Israel. In 2006, he joined the Boys Town Jerusalem faculty, and soon became an instructor in the CAE. Yehudah Dahan emigrated to Israel from Morocco as a youngster.