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In the past weeks, we have all seen extraordinary changes. However, one thing that remains the same is the commitment of Boys Town Jerusalem to its students. The story of Micah (not his real name) is but one example of the length that BTJ will go to for its students, no matter what!
Anyone who meets 20 year old Micah sees a bright, good-natured and handsome young man who looks like he has it all. Completely hidden to the eye is the horror of Micah’s life before he enrolled at Boys Town Jerusalem.
Tragedy struck when Micah was a teenager. At age 14, both of his parents died, leaving him orphaned and penniless. With his older brothers in the army or far from home, the youngster fended for himself for two years. Finally, the Welfare Department placed him in a series of foster homes, one more horrific than the last.
At age 18, he independently reached Boys Town Jerusalem. “When Micah arrived at BTJ for an interview to enrol in our College of Applied Engineering (CAE), he hesitantly told me his sad, shocking story,” Dean of Students Rabbi Meir Linchner recalls. “I assured him that he’d made a wise choice to join BTJ to pursue a degree geared to boost his success in the IDF and his career. From the moment he joined, Micah was no longer on his own.”
BTJ provided him with a full scholarship, a place in the school’s dorm and wholesome meals. For the first time, he experienced friendships and caring adults in the staff. Rabbi Linchner brought Micah to join his own family for Sabbath meals and more. To provide desperately needed spending money, the school set up special jobs for him. Housemother Rachel Cohen-Pur provided Micah with clothes, eyeglasses, and endless love.
Micah worked very hard with his studies as a senior electronics major and he excelled. Recently, he was finishing his graduate project. He was preparing to enlist in a top IDF Technology & Maintenance Corps unit where, as a CAE graduate, he would become an officer developing cutting-edge weapons systems vital to Israel’s survival.

With such a loving and supportive environment, Micah simply thrived.

 Boys Town Jerusalem had given him a new chance at life!

Then the coronavirus struck. All schools and dormitories were closed, and Micah was once again on his own.
“We immediately contacted the Welfare Department to provide Micah with a room,” noted Rabbi Linchner. “Then he called to tell me he was quite ill and that he had been tested for the corona virus. As his condition worsened while waiting for the results, we stepped in to bring him food and other supplies which were left outside his door. Two days later, Micah called me crying, the first time he’d broken down in all his years of fighting for his life.” ‘I’m in such pain,” he sobbed.
A BTJ grad, who is a paramedic, rushed him to the hospital by ambulance. It was confirmed he had tested positive for COVID-19, Desperately weak, Micah had left with only the shirt on his back. The school sent money to his dorm parent to buy basic essentials to bring to the hospital. As Rabbi Linchner said, “We are his family, and we were praying hard for this son.”
Despite experiencing severe breathing difficulty, B’H, Micah recovered. With nowhere to go, BTJ had no choice but to open its doors so he could move into the dormitory. There he is being looked after by Rabbi Eli Cohen, a teacher who lives on campus, who is ensuring he is comfortable and well fed. As Yoni Strimber, International Development Executive said, “That’s what we’re here for!”

Rabbi Linchner added, “We’re grateful Boys Town Jerusalem was able to give him a new chance at life – again!”

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