Boys Town Jerusalem High School (Gr 9 – 12)

As with most teenagers around the world, the first days of high school signal the beginning of a brand new and important phase in their lives. Boys Town is very much the same but at the same time it is the beginning of a different kind of journey. Boys Town’s High School students, for the most part, either came from far- away lands or their parents brought them to Israel as very small children. Our students, most of whom have been living well below the poverty line, have immigrated to Israel from the FSU, Ethiopia, France and more than thirty-five countries, many from North Africa.

Students follow a comprehensive academic program that features the regular matriculation subjects expected of all Israeli high school students, an in depth curriculum in high technology subjects as well as an extensive Jewish studies program.

Trained social workers and guidance counsellors compliment the full range of qualified teachers and rabbis who work closely to support the many students who have special issues that must be dealt with so that at graduation they are prepared to move on to the next phase of their lives with confidence.