Soldier of Excellence

Almost all graduates of Boys Town Jerusalem proudly serve their country by enlisting in the Israel Defense Forces. Whether as pilots, infantrymen, paratroopers, sailors, or researches they serve with distinction. Over the years, six of our IDF graduates have been recognized as ‘Soldier of the Year’. Several of the IDF senior officers visit the school each year to speak to our students.

Since Boys Town Jerusalem was founded 67 years ago, some 70 alumni and teachers have fallen in the defense of Israel. They are remembered daily by the Boys Town family.

Their names and photographs are inscribed on a special memorial in the main building on the campus. Each year, on Israel’s Memorial Day (Yom Hazikaron), the bereaved families join the students, faculty and staff of BTJ for a memorial service recalling the lives of these young defenders of the Jewish State.

Yahrzeit candles are lit and the Kaddish prayer is recited. Then there is a solemn march to the military cemetery on Har Herzl, close to the campus, to visit many of their graves.