An Affair of the Heart – and for tax reasons as well!

Giving to Boys Town Jerusalem is very much an act of the heart. While you will gain personal satisfaction of providing a generous gift to our school, gift planning allows you to make the most of your gift – or even permit greater overall giving while, at the same time, saving taxes. Gift Planning should be tailored to your individual circumstances. You will need to consider your age, and how much money you will need to continue your lifestyle and meet family obligations.

Gifts of Private Company Shares


Canadian Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem is grateful to the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, P.C., M.P., Prime Minister of Canada and The Honourable Joe Oliver, P.C., M.P. Minister of Finance for exempting donations involving private company shares and real estate from capital gains in the 2015 budget. We are also thankful to the Parties serving in Opposition for their support of this important measure.

This decision unlocks greater private wealth for the good of charities, both in Canada and in Israel. Enabling the philanthropist to give the cash proceeds to the charity instead of transferring the assets to the charity is much simpler and less expensive for both the recipient charity and the donor.

Removal of the capital gains tax for gifts of listed securities has already had a dramatic impact on the gifts received by Canadian Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem. We expect that this new measure will stimulate even more generous giving to Canadian Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem and more boys like Moshe, in Israel, will continue to receive the love and care of Canadian donors and eventually take their place as mainstream citizens and leaders in Israel.

For more information about donating shares in private companies please click here.

Gifts of Publicly Traded Shares

It is always exciting to learn that your investments of stocks, bonds or mutual funds have increased in value.  However, when your investment is converted to cash you will find that the realized capital gain is taxable. It is possible to decrease this financial impact by donating your publicly listed security to Canadian Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem. You will be making an enormous difference to Boys Town and you will, at the same time, avoid having to pay capital gains tax.

Canadian Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem would be pleased to work with you or your financial planner in order that you may achieve your philanthropic wishes.

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Life Insurance

7You may donate a paid up life insurance policy or you may purchase a life insurance policy naming the Canadian Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem as owners of the policy. You may pay the premiums through the office of the Canadian Friends, receive a charitable donation receipt for the value of the premium and the school receives the benefits of the policy when you die. Please refer to your professional advisor or contact the Executive Director of Canadian Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem who will help you set up this generous gift.

Charitable Remainder Trust

You can help Boys Town Jerusalem’s future – and your own at the same time. Life income plans offer you a chance to provide guaranteed income for yourself (and for your spouse) for the rest of your lives. You will also save on the taxes you pay. Transfer property to Canadian Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem today and receive an immediate charitable donation receipt. We will invest the funds and you will receive interest payments for life. When you die, the capital reverts back to Canadian Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem. You will be recognized on the Dorot Wall at Boys Town Jerusalem. You will be making a meaningful contribution to benefit our special young men in the best of schools and you will be contributing to Israel’s growth long after you are gone. Please click here for further information.

Bequests Under a Will

Bequests, which are planned gifts made through a will, have become an extremely popular method of providing long-term support for charitable organizations that are an important part of our lives. There are many reasons for the popularity of charitable bequests:

  • The opportunity to make a statement about one’s values;
  • The satisfaction of contributing to the continuation of an important cause for future generations;
  • The increased financial ability we may now have to make generous bequests; and
  • The donor’s advantage for tax planning.

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