Family Memorial Fund

Boys Town Jerusalem will establish a Memorial Scholarship Fund in memory of a loved one. Contributions received in the calendar year from you, your family members and friends will be earmarked to the special fund, ‘The {Deceased Name} Annual Scholarship’. The scholarship will be awarded each year by the school and you will receive an annual report. For further information please click here to discuss this with us today.

Bar Mitzvah Chesed Projects and Partnerships

Inspired by recent gifts from North American Bar Mitzvah boys, Canadian Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem has established a special Bar Mitzvah Campaign which will enable a Canadian Bar Mitzvah boy to twin with a Boys Town Bar Mitzvah boy and to create a personal project to benefit Boys Town Jerusalem. It is a meaningful way to support the vital work Boys Town does in turning disadvantaged young boys from difficult circumstances into young men with limitless futures, and provides the opportunity to support Israel’s leaders of tomorrow.

First, select your personal project. Use your imagination. It could be a car wash, a bowling tournament, a bike ride, a skate-a-thon or even a chess tournament. The funds you raise through your project can be sent to Boys Town and earmarked as your special contribution that will make a big difference in the lives of these young men.

So get your thinking cap on in advance of your big day and share your Bar Mitzvah with Boys Town Jerusalem. You will receive special recognition for your support and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you have made a difference in the life of our students. For more information, please contact the office of the Canadian Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem.

Kaddish and Yahrzeit

Kaddish and Yahrzeit 1Boys Town Jerusalem will be pleased to arrange for the Kaddish prayer to be recited daily by one of our senior students, teachers or Rabbis during the year of mourning. You may also make arrangements for the school to observe the Yahrzeit. You may also choose to install a permanent memorial plaque in one of the synagogues in the school. You and your designated family members will receive notice of the upcoming Yahrzeit. To speak to us about Kaddish and Yahrzeit please click here.


While it is the duty of the father or grandfather to present Tefillin to a boy, very often the money is just not there. In favour of a donation of $600.00, Boys Town Jerusalem will present a Bar Mitzvah boy with Tefillin in honour of… or in memory of a… loved one. Some friends of Boys Town instruct our office to charge their VISA monthly in order to accumulate the funds to dedicate their Tefillin. Every boy at Boys Town is presented with his own set of Tefillin upon becoming Bar Mitzvah. You will receive a photo of your Bar Mitzvah boy. Talk to us about this wonderful mitzvah today. Please click here.


With nearly 75% of our students requiring some level of scholarship assistance for tuition and Dormitory expenses, your support is critical to their ability to continue their studies at Boys Town. A gift of as little as $36 buys a boy’s meals for one week. $50 houses a student for one week. Scholarship costs range from $500-10,000 for a full year’s tuition, room and board for the College of Applied Sciences. If you would like to designate your gift to a scholarship please click here.

Tutoring Hours

TutoringMany students, especially those from the (FSU) former Soviet Union, France and Ethiopia require extra help to learn Hebrew language skills, to strengthen their academic skills in math and science or to improve their knowledge of Jewish and Israeli history and customs. We are grateful to be able to count upon university students who come to Boys Town to tutor our students. A gift of as little as $30 pays for one hour of tutoring. Please consider a semester of tutoring starting at $250.00. Please click here to contact our office.

Books and Software

Boys Town Jerusalem has an extensive Hebrew and English library which is used regularly by all students. Our librarian always has a wish list of new books that you may consider contributing to the school. Your contribution of $25.00 to $100.00 or more for needed titles will be very much appreciated. Please click here to discuss this with our office.


ComputersBecause technology is at the forefront of a Boys Town education , there is a great need for additional computers in classrooms and especially in the dormitory for homework and extra work during the student’s leisure time. Computers cost approx. $1,000 per workstation. Please click here to discuss this important need with us.

Dormitory and Rec Room Games

DormRoomActivitiesEach dormitory suite on the Boys Town campus has a common room where students can play board games, table tennis, video games and enjoy other fun activities. With a gift as little as $18.00 for a board game to $500.00 and up for electronic games, you can provide hours of relaxing down time for our boys whose days are long with heavy academic schedules. Please click here to find out how you can help.

Musical Instruments

Music2Thanks to the contribution from a Canadian Foundation, Boys Town Jerusalem inaugurated a school band and a choir in 2012. New instruments, a studio and a learning library have been added each year. Music is a useful and important outlet. Your gift will help the school purchase instruments and provide music lessons. New instruments are always needed and can cost anywhere from $100.00 and more. To learn more about how your gift can help our commitment to music please click here.

Sports Equipment

SportsEquipmentWhile Boys Town Jerusalem continues to emphasize the academics, we firmly believe that a healthy mind requires an active and healthy body. Our gym, fitness and outdoor sports facility services all of our students every day. Boys Town students continue to excel in national track & field events; they play soccer, volleyball, basketball, floor and roller blade hockey, martial arts and weightlifting. Gifts from as little as $18 can purchase sports equipment. Please click here to discuss this with us.


In addition to following the intense curriculum, every Boys Town Jerusalem student volunteers a minimum of twelve hours per month. They volunteer in hospitals, soup kitchens, seniors’ residences and furniture banks. They help the physically challenged. They deliver food packages for Shabbat and all major Jewish holidays. Your support helps underwrite the costs of transportation, fuel and driver to take students to their volunteer assignments. These costs may range from as little as $50 for a tank of gas up to $500 for the cost of transporting one student for a year and $1,000 for the annual maintenance of the vehicle. Let’s talk about this. Please click here.