Music program 1While the hum of computers or the high note of a robot extending his electronic arm are the most likely trills to be heard in the technology-based halls of Boys Town Jerusalem, the sound of (real) music is also loud and clear. Thanks to a generous gift from Canadian Benjamin Walker Foundation the school’s extracurricular music program has reached a new crescendo, to the delight of the young singers and musicians who take part in the program.

According to Nir Cohen, who has directed the Boys Town music studies for the past 12 years, the donation has enabled him to replace and expand the existing collection of 20-year-old instruments—and more. “Today we have electric, classical and bass guitars, a keyboard, percussion instruments, trumpets, and a flute. We have installed a state-of-the-art digitized recording studio in our newly remodeled Music Room which is the talk of the school for musicians and ‘techies’ alike.”

The Art Gallery, situated in the main corridor at Boys Town Jerusalem continues to exhibit the work of our students, created during their free time, extra-curricular time or during their evenings.